XJ600e: Rolling chassis weigh in

Have had to weigh in all the parts in the rolling chassis to help make calculations for the powertrain:

  • 7.1kg – 2 Forks
  • 3.3kg – Triple tree (top & bottom yoke)
  • 3.8kg – Rear shock
  • 2.6kg – Front brake and handle bars (lever, calliper, and reservoir inc.)
  • 6.5kg – Swingarm and pivot bolt
  • 12.5kg – front wheel, twin discs, and tyre
  • 11.8kg – Rear wheel and tyre
  • 16.7kg – Steel frame
  • 64.3kg – Approx total of rolling chassis

65kg – Rolling chassis mass (64.3kg).
70kg –  144 x Headway LifePO4 40152S cells @ 0.48kg each (69.12 kg)
110kg – Rider mass
70kg – Electrics wiring, casing, controllers
35kg – 273 DC Brushless Hub Motor
350kg – Approximate total predicted wieght


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