xj600e: GOM scan

Ryan at the NTDC worked his GOM magic on the chopped xj600. After I cleaned up the file I managed to crunch it down to about 500mb. This is about 10 time bigger than the artistic scan but the detail on this scan is fantastic. This is definitely one of the most accurate scans I’m going to be able to get my hands on.

All the major components fit into the GOM scan, and the CAD frame I built seems to be fairly accurate too overall, which means that the low resolution scan I got from the marvellous Mr. Perkins was good as a rough guide for sizes, if hard to read in places because of surface noise.

A There are a few amendments that need to be made; mounting points and tubes need modifying to ensure they are accurately positioned for further CAD modelling.

Thinking about my next steps, I feel secure to start using the CAD data to produce some templates for tube fabrication of the seat.

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