Rear brake tension bar

Have started to look at mock positions for tension bars on the rear caliper [pictured]. After some conversations on a pre-diversion forum It seems that the old xj600 didn’t have a bar however this still seems like the best option because of the wider wheel and new caliper. Looking at the plan view of the mock rod it can be seen that there is a natural alignment with the old chain guard mounting points and the rod ends. I think if these were beefed up or replaced with a rod end mount bracket the tension bar would be ideally installed.

One problem has arisen though. Recently I have the disk was mounted on the left hand side to avoid collisions with the old caliper bracket mounting slots. Because the rose end is very close to the caliper banjo hole I will probably have to swap sides and remove the slot mountings so the tension bar can be mounted on the opposite side of the caliper and free up the space around the banjo hole.

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