1st charge

Uprated the cables to 35mm2 to start testing the battery. In this first charge I pushed the state of charge (SOC) from 25% to 50%, took about 1hrs 13mins. Indicates that a full charge may be just under 5hrs. Also using this 25% charge suggests a 100AH full capacity. In general, happy charging is working….


1Kohm/10W resistor that straddles the main contact to pre-charge and protect the controller on voltage in-rush is needed on this contactor, without this the contactor poles would spark & arc. A 200V/3A diode is also needed across the coil to suppress the high voltage spike that will happen when disconnecting the power. Both these components…

Battery BMS stuff

I have quickly realised that the triumph of 1st wheel motion is momentary. Next on the list of things to complete is the battery BMS so I can charge the battery. I have no mains power supply so this is important to do quiickley so I can keep the wheel spinning. The Nissan leaf busbar…

Tuning #1

Have spent the evening calibrating the 8kw QS V3 motor. Out of the box the motor was a but rough because the controller and the motor are not from the same supplier this is normal apparently. Watching the hub motor robotically rotate with beeps and jerks as it Identifies the angles of motor using the…

1st motion

Finally got the QS hub motor moving with temporary wiring. I encountered a couple of issues here and there but luckily I managed to reach out to a Mr. Powell in the US that has a leaf cell / Kelly controller set-up that is similar to my own and hey presto, the hub finally lives….

Isolator carriage v1

Having had some small issues with dimensional accuracy I have finally started to get some results on the bigger prints and I am finding new uses for the printer. Originally I planned to stick the BMS, charger, and precharger components onto a thin board with 3M double sided tape to isolate it from the batteries….

v3 Sketch surface update

Surfaces have been update for the xj600e. Using the sketchwork seen in a previous post CAS renders visualise the potential outcomes of using new riser bars instead of the Cafe racer clip-ons and how the change of design direction works in 3D with the current powertrain.