1Kohm/10W resistor that straddles the main contact to pre-charge and protect the controller on voltage in-rush is needed on this contactor, without this the contactor poles would spark & arc.

A 200V/3A diode is also needed across the coil to suppress the high voltage spike that will happen when disconnecting the power.

Both these components protect the controller from damage.

The big ol’ 1Kohm/10W resistor that straddles the two high voltage poles on the connector is problematic. Although it only lets a small amount of power bypass the connector it is enough to slowly drain the battery if left unattended. So I need to pop in battery isolator switch on the positive cable coming out of the cells to cut the power completely when the bike is not being used.

A regular 48v 200A isolator is fine. Thinking about mounting it on front of the controller cover along with the key switch and the inertia switch. Plenty of space under there. just need to make the vented cover hinge for easy access or redesign the cover to expose them… maybe.

Isolator Switch

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