Seat mock-up for upholstery

Originally I was going to make a foam mock-up of the seat as in CAD. However, I thought it would be a bit more accurate as an RP mock-up that matched the CAD model as a hard reference for the upholsterers foam. There was a strange 30mm correction to make. Which leads me to think…

Wheel covers (v2 angled) installed

Over the Christmas hols I managed to print out the angled v2 wheel covers. spent a bit of time prepping the surfaces so they match the wheel. Think the look okay. I have a couple of fitment issues but nothing that effects the performance, just tweaks. Oh well, on to the next thing! Maybe try…

Wheel covers (v1 flat)

Have spend a bit of time practicing the split part thing on the wheel covers. The first version is flat but I’ll aim to angle the surfaces on future designs so that they match the angle of the bevel on the hub motor. On the QS hub motor 35mm M4 screws are perfect to attach…

Back-top panel fitment

The print of the first part went surprisingly well. Fitment was good on the frame to my relief. I had to make pre-planned cuts to the controller cover. Plus, I needed to make changes to the seat pan to pull the surface that interacts with the panels back to give some clearance for the upholstery…

Control panel v2 installed

Long time no post. Have recently replaced the brake cables, one was too short and was twisted, think it effected brakes. Also managed to change the handlebars to the white set pictured in renderings. I have installed the v2 control panel that will accommodate the covering covers for the bike and now holds the contactor….

Switch panel v2 & cover

Have finally printed out a solid version of the switch panel and cover. Looks okay for a first bash but would like to make some amendments to some parts to increase the quality. All new part fi together perfectly. Need to find a rubber strip about 1-2mm thick to place in the channel where the…

New 48v contactor

I have decided to consider using a new 48v contactor. The current coil in the contactor is rate 12-36v… so it is being stressed because the Kelly Controller asks that the contactor be connected through the 48v battery. So to amend this moving forward I have a more appropriate 48v connector that will take 200amps….

CT22 Brackets

Managed to source a cheap laser cutter so I thought I’d test them out with some simple stuff. I have been wanting to increase the height of the CT22 for a while to make cable management easier, so this seemed like e perfect opportunity to put together some new line work that increase the height…

Seat Pan

Have been working on the Seat pan. Originally I was going to RP the pan, but after a bit of experimentation I decided that it wasn’t strong enough to take a serious amount of abuse from my buttocks. Instead I cut and shaped come 2mm aluminium then redesigned the holder to fix onto the plate….

WIP lights

Finally got lights connected to the handlebar switches… after having to acquire an homologated headlight. Still a query on the rear amber lights might need to move them further back. TBH, I mainly made this post because I like making GIFs