First 3D print

After 23 hrs (I sped up the printer) the rear battery panel is complete. it fits the main case like a glove. However the top case cover needs some amendment. As the print is probably more accurate than the metal bend. I will use it to finally shape the metal cover.

As for my virgin experience of 3D printing. I’m quite impressed. The quality is great for prototyping and the dimensions are good. Surface quality is subjective. I figure that I will need to finish the surface to make it acceptable but this is no problem as I am used to working raw material up to a an acceptable surface using a water based base colour and clear coat. That said, after popping the 3D model into my regular shop for a quote for £172.76 I think a second print of this, or whatever I like, will cover the cost of the printer and the rest is just material costs.

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