300mm cuts

Have started to think about the opportunity to 3D print panels rather than metal form them. The more I think about it the more it makes sense. Plastic doesn’t conduct electricity, useful trait on an electric bike… and the production will be easier for my CAD skillset. Having had the printer for a while I am confident that it would be easier in terms of workflow. As mentioned in a previous post, to do this the panels must be produced into parts no larger than 300mm x 300mm. It is an interesting challenge as an experiment. If successful then the concept of self printable parts could carry forward to later iterations and form a foundation for underlying design direction for end users to print / customise their own panels — #opensource.

Was chatting with a friend over the weekend and discussed the graphical nature of Sci-fi concept art and cinematic media, seen below in some examples; a quick reminder that the use of graphical linework on simplistic surface to create a ‘split surface’ design is visually entertaining and enhances products so it could be an interesting direction.

Time for more sketches and some further part line development to ensure the bike looks sweet.

17-09-2021 Edit: Split surface design found in nature and product design.

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