Cover redesign

3 issues that seem important at the moment:

Access to the control panel – Currently thinking of a hatch over the control panel that hinges from the front (pivot point arrowed in red). Potentially this could be locked.

Air flow to the bottom of the controller – Marked in green thinking that it would be nice to duct air flow under the controller to displace heat that could build up on the heat sinks. Don’t think it will get a lot of natural forced air flow because of the forks that would divert airflow around the body but think that there is a possibility that the use of fans to draw in airflow could help move air away from the heat sinks and out through an escape hole towards the back of the cover.

Split surface design into smaller printable ‘chunks’ – Still needs work out the split surfaces, but getting there.

Option 01
Option 02
Option 03

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