Bit more rear red?

Have been experimenting with translucent materials and thinking of 101 ways to drain the battery while I wait for parts to arrive. Decided to have a go at an ambient/stop night time light. As the only colour I believe I should use on the vehicle at night are front: clear/amber and rear: red/amber I thought I’d try a rear red running light. Having tried it out with a regular bulb behind it I think it may be a bit bright for running light so I may rig it up as a brake light instead. Dunno, will have to see. Always an option as long as I get an array of LEDs on top of the busbar carriage cover. Think I will need to experiment with a slightly darker red maybe too, to stop it yellowing into orange.

Should be okay with placement of this. UK Governmental MSVA dictates lights are positioned at minimum height 250mm and maximum height 1500mm. See table below for remaining 2019 MSVA lighting requirements.

Because this new part is being placed close to lights and the battery contacts I printed this part out of rPETG. generally I’m starting to find that it has excellent chemical & heat resistance and is very strong. Added bonus is it’s flame retardancy, unlike ABS which is petroleum based and PLA which is based on corn starch.

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