Not pretty, but she’s a running

So, the basic powertrain of the battery, BMS, controller and the motor have been completed, or as much as they can be for now, and….. xj600e is alive and running under at full power of 100ah (charge socket works too). I am happy to see it finally work TBH. I had a couple of issues with the contactor after I tried to be too clever and run it on 12v so I could run the contactor on a lower power. Unfortunately the controller system needed more juice to run it. In other Kelly controllers this is possible, but not on my KLS7275H.

I think I’d like to finish a couple of thing then find a bit of private ground to give it a good test run. However. I feel confident that I’ll not be making any major changes to it for a while now.

The old gal is ready for some covers I think. Having listened to some comment on the internet I need to be sure that all the cables are tucked away neatly and that there is no chance of parts catching on legs, etc. Time to get the CAD made and get the 3D printer warmed up.

Pictured below… Where it is currently heading. have added side pods to route airflow under the controller better. I am still considering split surface panels as seen in the image, but may make the first one solid to make testing easier.

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