CT-22 display on XJ600e

CT-22 display is working… Great. There are still issues with the battery indicator. I fear that this might be due to the negative running though the BMS not directly to the battery. will eventually get this sorted out, and if that doesn’t work crying for five minutes before further diagnostics will be my a viable solution.

[edit] So, after a couple of moments sulking due to the battery indicator issue, I soon found (after some conversations with Robert Powell at https://sv650e.com) that the battery indicator needs to be set manually. After that things fell into place. Parameters and passwords to do this are at the bottom on this post.

As mentioned the CT-22 is programmable. There is a good thread on endless sphere that discuss the details.


The instructions for this display is mainly in Chinese with some very patchy translation so I reached out to QS who filled in some gaps.

There is an interesting video that I pulled from this thread that was originally posted on the endless sphere forum where it was pulls from a ONYX Facebook page and posted on here just so I can access it easily. To program it I need to get an accurate GPS reading to test the actually speed against the display. Suppose I’ll have to wait until it is out on the road.

Link to old sales drawings here:


Below are a list of handy parameters to set the speedo.

Just so I remember my current settings for charge and discharge with the 48v battery are:

0420 – 20%
0435 – 40%
0450 – 60%
0465 – 80%
0480 – 100%

These are based on a very rough calculation based on prior info gleened from the BMS test that stated the battery to be at 43v at around 25% SOC and a recent test run under load (data video below) where observed the battery at 49.1v at 95% SOC.

However, these will be altered once I finally run the battery down to 20%.

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