Back-top panel fitment

The print of the first part went surprisingly well. Fitment was good on the frame to my relief. I had to make pre-planned cuts to the controller cover. Plus, I needed to make changes to the seat pan to pull the surface that interacts with the panels back to give some clearance for the upholstery that will fold around the plate. However, apart from that the fitment to the bike was sweeeeet!

For the sake of speed and because I didn’t think that this fitment would go that well initially, I printed this out of PLA+ with the intention of making the final parts out of rPETG.

I was also utterly amazed at that The Ender3 Max managed to print the long overhang angles with out supports. I didn’t think it would make it despite CURA (the slicing program) indicating that it would manage it, and the supports that CURA did generate didn’t mark the part. Previously this has been an issue but not today.

Now that I’m happy that the seat plate is accurate I can start to think about the upholstery for the seat cushion. I have had a couple of quotes, just need to offer the plate up to one of them to get it done. I have considered doing it myself, but I think this is out of my scope so best let a pro do the job.

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