r/e PLA (recycled/eco PolyLactic Acid)

To help guide the project along the lines of sustainability and ethics circular design I have been on the hunt for recycled/eco filaments. Ultimately I would like to find a reclaim company that can take my waste prototype material and offer maybe a discount towards future material, etc. This is hard to find as often companies will use their own waste to ensure quality control. I think the idea of a fabrication lab would be excellent but this but isn’t easy to find.

Anyway the search for a more sustainable work ethic will continue. Below are some links to some of my initial findings.

– 55% recycled material
– 100% recycled cardboard spool and packaging
– Datasheet here
– Video review here

– Renewable sources (primarily corn starch)

– www.3djake.uk
– 100% recycled ecoPLA filament
– Datasheet here

– Recycled PLA filament (amount undisclosed)
– Bio degradable material

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