Tuning #1

Have spent the evening calibrating the 8kw QS V3 motor.

Out of the box the motor was a but rough because the controller and the motor are not from the same supplier this is normal apparently. Watching the hub motor robotically rotate with beeps and jerks as it Identifies the angles of motor using the Hall effect sensors was somewhat mesmerizing.

To geek out a bit (yay); attraction and repulsion between the stator and the permanent magnets of the rotor is what produces torque. This torque is created when the two fields are oriented at 90 degrees to each other. The magnetic field produced by the battery power to the magnets physically aligns them causing the rotor to turn around the stator. In order to keep the motor turning, the stator’s magnetic field changes position as the rotor field “catches up” with it. In order to energize the correct stator winding, the rotor position must be known and this is what the Hall sensors do — they monitor the rotor’s position. My motor has three Hall effect sensors, and because the kelly controller doesn’t know the positions of my rotor (because the two have never been paired up before) this needs to be calculated.

Any woo, yep. Got the wheel spinning nice and smoothly now. After going through the set-up procedure I found that the motor has a max rpm of 15,000. Obviously this will be limited by my power supply. The default is set at 4000rpm (which is what can be seen in the video). As I become a bit more confident I’ll test it at a high rpm to see what it can do.

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