XJ600e: BRAT / Cafe design?

Had a wee crack at simple brat style stance and panels with the 17inch wheels. The way it was set-up in the last photo it was too high. this still needs a fair amount of refinement and to visualisation from other angles but looks like it could be an interesting direction. Battery cooling is a concern. maybe some airflow from the scoops top and bottom behind the wheel and provide air-cooling as long as the intakes are weather proofed (electric and water don’t mix). The visual weight is centred forward. Classic bold straight bone-line. lowered bars & lights. Simple upholstered padded seat. Think the tank needs to be higher to stop it looking too tracker. However. Not completely convinced about the mechanical area behind the vanity side covers. does it need to look more techy, less techy. Quite like the covered wheels, probably a necessity for the rear hub motor. but cooling options for the motor need to be worked out.



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