XJ600e: Dry run assembly

After chasing around for parts I thought it best to check that all the parts to date kinda fit together as Zed Parts were close to finishing the frame strip. have had some problems with the forks but have managed to kinda resolve that today. Have got some 40mm xj600 forks (previously I has some 43mm forks) but they need a massive refurbishment and some springs are needed for them. However, that aside all seems to fit together when pinned together, need lots of tweaking though. It is substantially lower than I had previously thought it would be with the suspension strut I got, but it look good. #lows . With the frame stripped it can been seen that the previous owner swapped the bottom suspension mount. I have been advised to strengthen that area across the bottom with a plate. Sounds like a good idea. Will have to get some welding kit and get a 2-3mm plate across the base of the bike frame just to make sure. Should be a doddle.





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