XJ600e: V2 stance

xj600_2-6Pulled an underlay from the last photo of the frame to sketch on top of to help see if all is going in the right direction aesthetically. I like the lower rear wheel but feel either front drops of the rear needs pushing up slightly as it looks like it is squatting slightly at the moment. The rear strut has adjustments on it so this might help although this will effect the ride. Over all I don’t think it is too bad — getting there.

I think I will have t chop the rear bars back slightly. I think it would be a good idea to start mocking up the u-bend hoop at the rear to see how far it will go back. Technically it should be half the width of the seat in length but nothing like mocking stuff up in 3D to see the real deal.xj600_1-6v2-1

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