xJ600e: front wheel spacers

Had some thoughts about the front spacers. as the forks are not from the XJ600 then all the spindle spacers and bearing sizes are different. To be honest it would be easier if I knew the exact model that the forks came from but it isn’t a problem. Made some plans. Will mock most up in Delrin then fabricate them in stainless if all is well. Have snapped up a OD20mm ID14mm 30mm connector to use a s a end nut for the clamp end of the fork. Might have to fabricate this as I fear the thread pitch might be too big, will also need a outer flange on the final one too. Just the in-bearing and out-of-bearing spacers and get some bearings with a wider inner diameter. Out-of-bearing spacer will be decided on the caliper fitment. Where they fit on the disk and the length of the spacer between the bearing (unknown until current bearings come out) will decide the length of these. Also need to draw up some spacers for the calliper, at the moment it pulls the wheel too close to the left fork; the new forks are wider than the original XJ600.

Edit: inner spacer: 72mm (3mm wall)


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