XJ600e (v3)

With a new set of batteries a new design is needed for the faring surfaces. So far these are the closest to the final cells so these designs can move further than the last set. With the Nissan cells the package size is reduced so this leaves. leaves more space in the frame and they can be positioned so that they are inside the frame. The sketch below visualises a potential direction.

Some feedback from professional track racers, enthusiasts, and hobbyists have eluded to the fact that low CG (Centre of Gravity), with battery packaged under the frame would make turning difficult. Final decision by myself; ‘if it ain’t, broke don’t fix it’. That is to say that if I place the battery mass in a similar position to the original engine lump then it will help to maintain the driving characteristics of the original chassis. This in mind the layout (below in 3D) places the cells at the bottom of the frame.

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