Prototyping battery case v1

Have finally managed to get some time to put a quick box together to protect and hold the Leaf cells to get the bike up and running for prototype development. Keeping it 48v at the mo, which complies of 3 double block cells.

The box made from 5 lasercut (1.5mm thickness) steel sheet, using a simple plastic vacuum formed cover for the electrical connections that slides in with the cells and is captured with a lid. Being 2mm plastic it will be easy to bore holes in it and add waterproof grommets to let cables out of the box.

The frame will need minimally modified by shaving 5mm from the inside of the rear engine mounting point to allow for an extra strengthening part and the box to fit into the frame.

A couple of spacers are needed at the front to fill out some gaps as the original points were not level. but other than that it should all be quite simple.

Will insulate the interior of the box with a 1mm thickness soft plastic or self adhesive nylon to reduce metal box contact with the batteries.

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