ANT-BMS software

Davis an I have been looking around for the software to run the BMS I have. After getting an email address from a Chinese language translator of the label, we got an email but no answer was given to this email unfortunately. But, in a last chance effort to sort this out I posted some pics of the BMS onto some forums and immediately member recognised it as an ANT-BMS. Pics taken from the internet are below. Even found a video that looks at installation.

The APX link to the APP link download is here:

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  1. Francisco Alves says:

    Is there any software tha works with ant bms on Windows 10?
    Thank you.

  2. Jacques voisin says:

    Io ho comprato una di queste BMS della ic gogogo, ma scansionando il disegno su di essa non mi trova l’applicazione, non riesco a collegRe la bms al computer, come posso fare ?
    L’applicazione funziona anche su android?

    1. Shaun says:

      I have never connected the BMS to a PC. Only via android.

      The APK application in linked in this post.

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