COVID garage CAD (Cardboard Aided Design)

Finally managed to get the bike all into one place back in the garage after being locked out of the NTDC due to COIVID19. Thought it would be good to check some things that can be seen in 3D models but still leave a bit of doubt with regards to the real thing. After a it of surface unfolding and printing to transfer the model to card. the realisation of the virtual design was easy. First concern was component clearance, was close but all is good so far. Overall width of the top panels was also a doubt; I wondered if it was too narrow, in real life it was slightly wider than I thought — The photos narrow the perspective a but but it is close.

Was also good to mock the panel in physical form to work out the best way to fix the panels to the frame. managed to find to ideal mounting points that will allow the top panel to fix to the folded metal controller sub-frame with ease. Always amazes me how much easier it is to work these things out in card.

Next steps is to get the front fins, bottom panels, and seat modelled to check it all.

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