Brake lines

How long should the brake lines be? As long as a piece of string!

Planning the final dimensions for the brake lines. Measurements have been taken with a cord. The factory lines at the front (1 x 310mm upper / 2 x 495mm lower) do not need to be changed. However the rear line is a new dimension because the foot brake has been removed and the left handlebar lever is now a brake lever like a bicycle because the clutch is no longer needed — makes life simple.

Current question: do I follow the upper or lower path mapped out on the photo above for the rear line. The lower one will make the frames less cluttered because they will be covered but may make disassembly of the battery components slightly more complex. The upper option clears the battery area but visibly clutters the frame. Choices to make.

  • Front Upper: 310mm
  • Front Lower: 495mm
  • Rear Upper (Option): 1770mm
  • Rear Lower (Option): 2000mm

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