Control Panel v2

The first switch panel was great as a mule to test the system but it didn’t match the upper panels so it’s time to make a new design that works better with the upper panels. Once I have finished this i need to make a flip-up cover to give access to the panel and make it look a bit more professional. Also good to secure the starting mechanics. Night add a lock to it to make it harder for people to fiddle with bike.

Decided to add a 9-pole D-Sub connector to add permanent wired access to the controller. Also added a USB port, great for charging ‘stuff’ at the moment, possibly futureproofing for other purposes. Have been using AV XLR standard mounting plates mainly because I am familiar with them. Will think about refining the mounting system later. I have also accommodated the new 48v contactor as mentioned in the last post.

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