330mm shock test length

As mentioned in the last post, I decided to try a TW125 shock to test the length. No bottoming out, I had a jolly good bounce on it, felt like a child again. No clearance issues around the swingarm or linkages. The stance has changed, greater incline on the frame, more rear wheel clearance on the seat. Only problem in fact is that the spring is a bit soggy for me, which doesn’t surprise me because I am a big chap.

I have had conversations with YSS and Hagon. Both tell me that they can provide a replacement. YSS (pictured below) seem to have the most competitively priced unit and were very helpful. They both suggested that a spring around 160-170 N/mm would be best for my weight. In fact the direct replacement for TW125 from YSS is factory fitted with a 170N/mm spring so sounds like this is perfect.

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