Benchmark: wheel covers Pt.1

While thinking about laser cutting wheel covers/rim fillers at a later date I bumped into an interesting post on; a Yamaha enthusiast forum. Instead of laser cutting rim fillers they modify pizza pans. Yes, pizza pans. JRay77 goes through the steps he completed to make some convincing fillers. The whole post is here:

94% State of health on cells

Despite the COV19 lockdowns that have ground the UK to a halt Dr. Oliver Curnick has worked his magic to test the capacity of the Nissan Leaf cells and it turns out that I have been a lucky guy. All the cells have a rated capacity around 106Ah, 375Wh.  ‘They would’ve been 112.6Ah at beginning…

Hub motorcycle temeratures

Interesting to look at electric Motorcycles from a thermal point of view. A recent post on Facebook took a termal map of an Evoke. In -5 degrees C ambient temperature in Beijing and the hottest part of the 2019 Evoke Urban S is only 26C on the hub motor after a brisk 20 minute ride….

Benchmark: Hyperdrive

At the battery technology show I noticed a company that have a licence to use Nissan leaf batteries in other forms. In camper vans for example. Hyperdrive take the battery modules from the Nissan Sunderland factory.

Benchmark: 48v powertrain

Interesting 48v conversation here using a Honda 250 frame with thunderstruck mid-powered motor, Nissan leaf cells, and Curtis 350amp controller.

Benchmark: Shanghai Customs

A Shanghai based custom bike builder have started to retrofit the legendary Honda Super Cub. Shanghai Customs spec is as below: 1.2-kilowatt battery 2,000-watt hub motor, bldc controller Panasonic 3.7v 3.400 mAh lithium-ion 18650 cells. 40 kilometers at 45km/h.   FB site is here:        

Benchmark: eStel Scrambler

Apocalypse Custom Electric Motorcycles are a Philippines’ custom bike builders. They specialise in retro-fitment of donor bikes for customers. One of there show bikes is a eStelle a personal favourite. Very cool. Spec is below: 72v 30ah lifepo4 batteries 18 fet 4110 infineon controller (120 battery/220 phase) QS273 v3 hub. Facebook page is here.