Benchmark: UNIMOKE


Unimoke have released a new e-bike that appeals to the new generaation of electric bike users apparently. Looks like a minimalist wee moped – Nice. Looks like a L1-e B category. The company text is as follows:

“The UNIMOKE is a cool and tough crossover urban utility e-bike that blends the amazing looks of a vintage moped with the latest of e-bike technology. The super strong steel frame, high built quality and extra long seat makes UNIMOKE the perfect e-bike for heavy and tall riders and for biking with children. Choose from a wide selection of cargo racks and child seats ! Designed and Made in Germany, the UNIMOKE e-bike will take you anywhere in style!

We designed the UNIMOKE to be a true urban utility vehicle. With that extra-long seat, you can take 2 children or even a passenger with you. UNIMOKE is also an amazing e-bike for heavy and tall riders!

The UNIMOKE features a set of 20 inch fat tires, making it not only a blast to ride on rough urban roads, but also allows for occasional trips out into the wild! The powerful 80 NM BAFANG rear drive engine will take you anywhere!

One of the special features of the UNIMOKE is its iconic full-metall motorcycle headlamp. This powerful LED headlamp not only provides great looks, it cleary announces others that there is a motor vehicle approaching!

The UNIMOKE combines the cool and solid feeling of riding a vintage moped with the freedom of owning a street legal bicycle: No helmet, insurance or licence required!”

Pictures below. Link to website here:


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