Swingarm refinement


Had a good meeting today with Geoff Booth (motorbike and advanced manufacturing engineering specialist) that helped to direct the design of the rear of the XJ600e. Main factors discussed were swingarm design and rear suspension. Overall no big changes to be made but some tweaks would make the design more effective. First being to stretch the sleeving for the clamp further forwards, away from the 50mm diameter. This will avoid heat distortion on the diameter when the swingarm sleeve is welded to the clamp.  I have had thoughts about reducing weight by moving the bottom bolt further forward, no problem was seen with this idea clamp. Clamp tweaks drawn below. Second tweak was to adjust the geometry of the suspension strut to minimise rotation and the static mounting point and ensure loads move a bit more evenly along the strut. An adjustment to the swingarm design and a change of static mounting point should help this.


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