Benchmark: Zero to Leaf

Found an interesting internet post on where zero motorcycle users are swapping their Molicell in the 26700 format (26mm in diameter, 70mm in length) for nissan leaf cells that I have just aquired. It is good to know that this is a feasible solution for others and that a level of success has been found doing this.

iSurgeon ran the battery down till it wouldn’t move any more. He drove it somewhat fast so drain would be high but here are his numbers for his single trip. It is important to note that the capacity of these batteries are reduced because they are a second life acquisition. This will effect range, etc. However, still some interesting numbers below.

– 33.4 Miles 
– 48.89ah   
– Watt/hrs 2528.3 
– Amax 394.2
– Vmin 41.7
– Max Speed 66.3   
– Avg Speed 30.1mph 
– Time 1:06:33
– Recharging took 3.62kwh from the wall


iSurgeon (2019) 2010 Zero S – 7 Leaf cells and a cycle analyst. Available at: [Accessed 24 Jun. 2019].

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