Leaf busbar covers

Looking around to find covers for the cell connectors. On a Nissan part search the com up as a Part No.: 295B8-3NF0C & 295L1-3NF0A for the buss bar cover and module. Assembly and parts can been seen here online and in photo below.

Various places such as Tech Direct Inc sell the module for $75. This comes as a 24s assembly… which seems excessive for my needs as I would be running 16s at max and for the prototype to keep things below 48v, running it at 12s. Another option is to consider custom made covers fabricated by places such as EV Battery Centre. A more custom route would be to produce a custom set that would be similar to the set produced by Ryan Priore on Thingiverse, for the early one-off prototype phase this seems like the most logical route TBH.

Edit: Also finding more on thingiverse from Inspiredcricket, LordHelmchen &  Three2010ZeroSs.

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