Speed controller plate v1.0

Have started to mount the equipment to the frame, starting with the speed controller. Battery cage is next. Thought i’d try a light weight option and beef it up where nessacery to keep the mass of the bike down. After a bit of backward and forwarding to various metal fabrication options I finally decided on a flat-pack option that folds out to bolt onto the bike in current mounting points. Only needs one weld point, but might modify this to take an optional rivet. Managed to slot a set crafty display brackets into the cut too.

So far I have cut out from 2mm T10 aluminuim to make it easy to bend and experiment with and 2mm steel for a final v1 mounting plate. I can anticipate a follow up iteration but just to get everything up and running it’s nice to get something knocked up pretty fast.

Made a slightly modified lasercut pattern (seen below) after the first fitment.

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