Battery and frame fitment

The case and cells fit the frame surprisingly well. The usefulness of the scan never ceases to surprise me I really couldn’t have designed most of the fitment of any of the custom parts without it. Some custom washers are needed to fit the case to the frames mounting points:

Front – 30 L x 8 ID x 11 OD
Rear – 31 L x 8 ID x 13 OD

I also have some issues with the cell design. The captivating shoulder washers on each cell are making it difficult to slide the mounting rods through the case. So as a solution I am considering some alterations on them so they open to 9mm and slide a brass rod with a 0.5mm wall thickness to create a continuous smooth interior surface for the rods to move against. Need to think about this one though, should only be at the front too.

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