1200w onboard charger [48v/20A]

Pictured in blue in CAD [with wheel travel] is:

1200W on-board waterproof battery charger 48v/20A, KC CE Ro1200W on-board waterproof charger

– Main advantage of this charger is compact size
– 130mm x 90mm x 230mm
– Pre-charging
– automatic shut off
– over charging protection


Other options are:

48v 20A 1500W Waterproof Intelligent Battery Charger

  • 281mm x 143.5mm x 84mm
  • Power factor:≥0.98
  • Maximum efficiency:93.0%(full load)
  • Noise:≤45dB
  • Grade of waterproof:IP67
  • Weight:3kg
  • Operating temperature:-30℃-55℃
  • Storage temperature:-40℃-95℃
  • Available function:CAN bus control is optional & 12V output & three led indication & vehicle-lock under charging

Protection function

  • Output over current protection
  • Output over voltage protection
  • Output short-circuit protection
  • Output no-load protection
  • Output reversal connect protection
  • Input over voltage protection
  • Input under voltage protection
  • Over temperature Protection of Charger
  • CAN Communication Fault Protection
  • Auto power off while full charge


Charger portable waterproof w/supporting charging gun
– LX-LongRun-J1-4830
– 48v
– 30A/35A
– 280mm x 152mm x 115mm
– IEC 62196 Type 2 charging socket and gun


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