Component update

Very interesting to watch the cost breakdown of the build to date. On top of the initial costs of the hub motor, controller, battery, etc the cost of smaller components is starting to add up to appox a third of the initial cost. Will be interesting to see where it ends.

Build components mounting up in the box now are:

  • High Voltage DC Contactor
  • 12V 3 Pin Motorcycle blinker relay
  • DC-DC Convertor
  • Cable for lights 16AWG
  • Sound indicator
  • Kill switch
  • Warning horn
  • Motor cable (6 awg)
  • Motor cable sleeving
  • Wire connectors
  • BMS wire junction
  • Ignition Switch
  • Inertia Switch
  • Kickstand switch
  • Anderson battery connectors
  • shrink wrap
  • Fuse holders
  • J1772 Active Vehicle Control Board, AVC2
  • ZUMU Pre-charge resistor
  • IEC62196-2 Charging Plug (type 2)
  • Throttle w/switch gear
  • Fuses 10amp


  • IEC62196-2 Charging Socket (type 2)
  • Kelly wire connectors
  • 1200W on-board charger
  • Battery management system

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  1. Paarth says:

    Heya Shaun, stoked to have found this super comprehensive blog site of your build process.

    Would it be possible to throw on the product links to these components?

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