All of the lights

Been working on the lights. I have finally connected the two brake lights together to work when both/either of the levels are pulled. Nice and bight too. I will use the top light as a position light during dipped illumination and both for braking, as seen in the GIF above. I’m happy with the result but still having issues with the slight oranginess, so I will get some red 3528 600 LEDs to correct the colouring situation.

As for the front light, dipped and main bean work but I have a big worry about the quality of the lenses and the LEDS. When turned on there are faint spot light above and below the cast main light burst. This is worrying because if I set up the dipped light to fit within the regulations there will be a faint light still above the regulated area. Need to do some research on this issue and maybe get a more accurate headlight. Until then have some light music — below.

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