I think I finally feel happy with the main surfaces of the covers. However, there is a fair distance to travel still until it is ready to print unfortunately. Parts still need to be designed for functions such as airflow, movability, and fixing.

First task of late has been airflow. The old design had heat sink style fins on the front panels. In reality these would not have the real function of displacing heat build-up . I liked the heat sink look but really wasn’t really authentic, more decoration. So I decided to detail the font of the bike with grilles holes. These would aim to intake air to cool the controller on the top set of panels and on the bottom set would intake air for the charger that is assisted with two OE bolt-on fans. Water ingress has been a slight worry, however I have seen some interesting waterproof speaker materials that allows air to pass through it while displacing water. I think I can also place a baffle and redirection panels behind the mesh to stop water running directly into electric parts.

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