Wheel locators

Also managed to get some steel wheel locators lasercut. Fits the thread securely. just need to make a soft filler to stop rattling. The locator was deliberately made less thicker (5mm) in comparison to the 8mm thick swingarm so that the nuts would securely grip onto it. 3mm nylon locators will be made, these will crush so the nuts grip to the swingarm while filling the 8mm thick gap.

Managed to get some duplicates of the OE brackets cut too to act as spacers. After some trial with washers I soon realised that all that was needed was a set of the the 5mm thick duplicates each side to fill out the gap and securely hold the squared thread on the M18 spindle. However I think the design could be improved from a custom redesign that holds it and the spindle to the swingarm securely so the wheel can’t drop easily away if the bolts loosen or fall off; a safety bracket.

for bother the shape needs refining so it looks better in the swingarm, good to know the design works in principle though.

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